How to subscribe

Adding the show

Subscribing to the show is really easy.  The fastest way is to search for the show in your favorite podcast app.  If ETW doesn't come up in the search, the second way to add, is manually add the show with the Feed URL.  Most apps have an add button for this or a listener can paste the feed URL into the search box.

Feed URL:

Podcast Apps

Any podcast can be enjoyed from your computer, especially ETW, because of the online players available on the site.  Arguably the best way to listen though, is on the go, using a mobile device.  If you have a smartphone then you already have an easy to use, always with you, way to listen to your favorite podcasts.  Below we have put together a small list of the best podcast apps for iPhone and Android devices.

You may use a different app for podcast listening, and that is ok.   Most podcast catcher apps work really well, and preferences are mostly about taste.

For iPhone

The list below is based on a small survey taken by iMore in January of 2015.

For Android

This time we look to the Verge for a top list of popular Android podcatcher apps.

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